Hostels in Vienna

The hostel accommodation in Vienna can be divided into the "official" youth hostels and the private, and probably slightly more expensive and trendy, backpackers' style of accommodation.

Budget accommodation is available in the centre of Vienna and in some pleasant spots on the outskirts but with good access to the city centre via public transport. Some of the youth hostels require membership of the IYHA (International Youth Hostel Association) but do not have any age limits.

View from the vineyards outside Vienna

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Youth Hostel Accommodation

Youth Hostel Brigittenau

Brigittenau Youth Hotels, ViennaThe Jugendgästehaus Wien-Brigittenau is located near the Millenium City shopping centre towards the north of Vienna near the Danube. Accommodation is in an apartment-block style of building with 2-6 person rooms with bunk beds.
Address: Friedrich - Engels - Platz 24, 1200 Vienna
Tel: 01 332 82940

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Brigittenau Youth Palace

Brigittenau Youth Palace Hostel, ViennaThe Brigittenau Youth Palace is a newer addition to the Brigittenau hostel with double rooms all with facilities and twin beds. It is situated close to the original youth hostel in a brand new building.
Address: Adalbert Stifter Strasse 73, 1200 Vienna
Tel: 01 332 82940

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Youth Hostel Hütteldorf

Hütteldorf Youth Hostel, ViennaAs its name suggests, the Hütteldorf youth hostel is situated in the western suburb of the same name and near the Hütteldorf U-Bahn stop and Schönbrunn Palace in a park area. The hostel has some double rooms and some with shower, but most are larger.
Address: Schlossberggasse 8, 1130 Vienna
Tel: 01 877 1501

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Youth Hostel Myrthengasse

Myrthengasse Youth Hostel, Vienna Probably the closest of the formal youth hostels to the central part of the city. Myrthengasse is located behind the Museum Quarter near the fashionable area of Spittelberg.The hostel has a limited amount of double rooms (note the hostel does not guarantee advance bookings of double rooms) with most accommodation in larger rooms and dormitories.
Address: Myrthengasse 7, 1070 Vienna
Tel: 01 523 6316

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Palace Youth Hostel

Palace Youth Hostel, ViennaThis hostel is located on the edge of Vienna near the Hotel Schloss Wilhelminenberg. It is around half an hour from the centre on public transport and has a good view over the city from its situation in the Ottakring area. Rooms are four-bedded with facilities.
Address: Savoyenstrasse 2, 1160 Vienna
Tel: 01 481 0300

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Private Backpackers' Accommodation

Alibi Hostel

Alibi Hostel, ViennaThe Alibi Hostel is a purely summer youth hostel, as it is a student hostel during term time. It is located to the northwest of the city centre very close to the Vienna General Hospital (AKH der Stadt Wien) and is open during July and August. It offers twins and triple rooms.
Address: Wilhelm Exner-Gasse 4, 1090 Vienna
Tel: 01 403 9122150

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A&T Holiday Hostel

A&T Hostel, Vienna Situated in the multicultural district of Vienna-Favoriten, this recently-opened hostel offers shared bedrooms for 2-6 people each with private bathroom. Great value accommodation and convenient transport facilities to the city centre.
Address: Leibnizgasse 66, 1100 Vienna
Tel: 01 60 70 727

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Strawberry Hostel

Strawberry Hostel, ViennaThe Strawberry Summer Hostel runs from the beginning of July to the end of September. It is situated near the Westbahnhof railway station and offers a selection of rooms from singles to four-bedded accommodation.
Address: Mittelgasse 18, 1060 Vienna
Tel: 01 599 79660

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Wombats City Hostel

Wombat's City Hostel, ViennaThe original Wombats Hostel from where the group has expanded to other locations in Vienna and in Europe. The hostel offers doubles and larger rooms and has a bar on the premises. It is located behind the Westbahnhof railway station.
Address: Grangasse  6, 1150 Vienna
Tel: 01 897 2336

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