Vienna Travel Information

The travel options for Vienna are pretty varied, as you might expect for a capital city and especially as one that bills itself as gateway to the East.

Vienna is located near the eastern border of Austria with Slovakia and Hungary and is also not that far away from the Czech Republic to the north.

 Vienna Road Network

Motorway connections are very good, although like any major city the network can be busy at peak periods. More information about the roads (and bus transport to and within the city) is available on our Vienna By Road page.

Vienna International Airport is currently undergoing some expansion. Out on the motorway to the east, it has good connections into the city by road, rail or bus. More details are available on the Vienna Airport page and, for a private trip to or from there, on our airport transfers page.

Like the airport, Vienna's rail infrastructure is also subject to some fairly radical change, with the construction of a new main railway station taking place. Tips about getting to Vienna by train and using the S-Bahn regional rail system are provided on our Vienna By Rail page.

Within the city itself, Vienna boasts a convenient and modern underground railway system which offers one of the best ways of moving around. The Vienna Underground page has more information about the history and network.

Vienna's trams are a good alternative for those who would like to admire the sights as they move around the city (if at a slower pace!). The Vienna Trams page provides details of how to use them and how they developed.

Finally, a more unusual way of travelling around is provided by the Danube - with the high-speed river link between Bratislava and Vienna a popular way of getting between the two capital cities. Find out more about the two companies offering this service on our Vienna By River page.

More information - mostly in German - regarding Vienna and Austria is available at