Food and Drink in Vienna

Vienna can draw on its history and its culture when it comes to food and drink.

Of course, the markets of a city are a good way to take the pulse of a place, and Vienna has a good selection of open-air and specialist food markets which are detailed (and located on a map) on our Vienna Markets page.

Naschmarkt, Vienna

The history of the city is displayed in the dishes and descriptions that remain from the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (and before). Austria has plenty of dishes which stem from the eastern European side of that former Empire. But some distinctly "Imperial" items can be discovered on the Imperial Delights page.

Of course, Viennese cuisine doesn't revolve around what the courts once ate or preferred. The coffee house culture is a famous part of the ambience of the city and more information about that is available on the Coffee Houses page. One particular coffee house is renowned for its cake (and its hotel) and here is where you can find plenty more about the Sachertorte.

Some of the traditional Viennese cuisine is detailed on the Vienna Cooking page, while those looking to sample the typical fast food (and the etiquette!) of the sausage stands might prefer the page on Vienna's Sausages.