Vienna, Austria

Vienna is Austria's imperial city - a city still infused by memories of the past glories and yet revelling in what those influences have created in this modern metropolis.

For the capital of an "alpine" country, Vienna is not a typical big city at all.

It's big for a start - by Austrian standards at least - and it is one of the few of Austria's cities not to have any mountains in the background. Vienna, with over two million inhabitants in the city area and the surrounding suburbs, boasts a quarter of the population of the whole country.

And, while much of Austria takes pride in what it means to be essentially Austrian (no, those dirndl dresses, leather shorts and folk music aren't just for tourists), Vienna has become a multi-cultural - almost trendy - melting pot of influences from across the old Empire and the new European Union.

Vienna from St Stephen's Cathedral

A visitor might delight in the culture and history of the city. Tyroleans, on the other hand, may be looking suspiciously at a city that they consider full of strange tastes and customs, full of pompous government functionaries, fashionable media luvvies and, quite possibly, left-wing revolutionaries. (The Viennese, alternatively, might return the domestic love by looking down their noses at a province that they may consider has nice scenery but too much money and a severe lack of taste.)

Vienna is, as the cliché goes, a city of contrasts. A city which can be conservative and status-obsessed - and yet one that can host the largest AIDS festival in Europe (and show it live on TV). A city which can celebrate the imperial glories of the past - and yet one where the left-leaning city government has made public services and social integration a cornerstone of its mandate.

And above all, it is a city that is "livable". Some capital cities overwhelm with their size and their suburbs full of people rushing past other anonymous commuters. Vienna feels like a city that you can grasp, that you can get out of (if necessary), that you can discover...

And really, that's what this site is about. Discovering Vienna without the gloss of the tourist brochures, or the spin of the travel companies.

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