Vienna's Foreign Embassies

Foreign embassies are dotted all over Vienna, rather than being restrict to an "embassy district" as in some capital cities.

Part of the reason is the ready availability of large official buildings that may have been former palaces or city villas. Most of the main embassies are within - or along - the Ringstrasse, however.

The contact information for the embassies from the main English-speaking countries follows:

Australian FlagAustralian Embassy
Mattiellistrasse 2-4
1040 Vienna
Tel: 01 506 74 0

Union JackBritish Embassy
Jauresgasse 12
1030 Vienna
Tel: 01 716130

Canadian FlagCanadian Embassy
Laurenzerberg 2
1010 Vienna
Tel: 01 531 38 3000

Irish FlagIrish Embassy
Rotenturmstrasse 16-18, 5th Floor
1010 Vienna
Tel: 01 7154246

New Zealand FlagNew Zealand Embassy
Mattiellistrasse 2-4
1040 Vienna
Tel: 01 505 3021

South African FlagSouth African Embassy
Sandgasse 33
1190 Vienna
Tel: 01 320 6493

US FlagUS Embassy
Boltzmanngasse 16
1090 Vienna
Tel: 01 31339 0

US FlagUS Embassy (Consular Section)
Parkring 12a
1010 Vienna
Tel: 01 512 58 35

Map of Embassies

The different embassies and contact information are shown on the map below. You can zoom in or out or move in all directions by using the controls at the bottom while the buttons on the top left switch between a traditional map view or a satellite view.