Vienna's Private Hospitals

Hospitals that are termed as "private" in Vienna on this page are the ones which are not operated by the Wiener Krankenanstaltenverbund, the municipal hospital organisation for the city. Most of the Wien KAV hospitals are listed on our public hospitals page.

Thus the list also includes hospitals run by the social insurance organisations, as well as charitable and religious foundations, in addition to the solely "private health care" insititutions.

It should also be noted that health care through the social funds may mean either using municipal or privately-run health care, depending on what is considered most appropriate in each case.

Those working in Austria contribute to a social insurance fund, where the money is then used by the fund to buy contracted-in services from doctors and hospitals.

Essentially this means that a doctor may refer a patient to a hospital or clinic (or the patient may choose their own in certain circumstances) and that the social insurance funds will pay for a proportion of the costs. Rather than the old certificate (the "Krankenschein"), a modern e-card system is now in operation which should be taken on all visits of a medical nature.

The contact details for the various hospitals are listed below and they are also marked on the map at the bottom of the page:

St. Anna Kinderspital
Kinderspitalgasse 6
1090 Vienna
Tel: 01 401 70

Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Brüder
Johannes von Gott Platz 1
1020 Vienna
Tel: 01 211 21

Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Schwestern
Stumpergasse 13
1060 Vienna
Tel: 01 599 88

Confraternität Privatklinik Josefstadt
Skodagasse 32
1080 Vienna
Tel: 01 401 14

Privatklinik Döbling
Heiligenstädter Strasse 57-63
1190 Vienna
Tel: 01 360 66

Krankenhaus St. Elisabeth
Landstrasser Hauptstrasse 4a
1030 Vienna
Tel: 01 711 26

Evangelisches Krankenhaus Wien
Hans-Sachs-Gasse 10-12
1180 Vienna
Tel: 01 404 22

Goldenes Kreuz Privatklinik
Lazarettgasse 16 - 18
1090 Vienna
Tel: 01 401 11

Krankenhaus Göttlicher Heiland
Dornbacher Strasse 20-28
1170 Vienna
Tel: 01 400 88

Hanusch Krankenhaus
Heinrich-Collin-Strasse 30
1140 Vienna
Tel: 01 910 21

Nikolsdorfergasse 26-36
1050 Vienna
Tel: 01 546 05

Sanatorium Hera
Löblichgasse 14
1090 Vienna
Tel: 01 313 50

Herz-Jesu Krankenhaus
Baumgasse 20a
1030 Vienna
Tel: 01 712 26 84

Unfallkrankenhaus Wien Lorenz Böhler
Donaueschingenstrasse 13
1200 Vienna
Tel: 01 331 10

Unfallkrankenhaus Wien Meidling
Kundratstrasse 37
1120 Vienna
Tel: 01 601 50

Billrothstrasse 78
1190 Vienna
Tel: 01 360 36

Orthopädisches Spital Speising
Speisingerstrasse 109
1130 Vienna
Tel: 01 801 82

Wiener Privatklinik
Pelikangasse 15
1090 Vienna
Tel: 01 401 80

Map of Hospitals

The different hospitals and contact information for them are shown on the map below. You can zoom in or out or move in all directions by using the controls at the bottom while the buttons on the top left switch between a traditional map view or a satellite view.