Vienna Airport Transfers

Details of transfer by bus and train services are given on the Vienna airport page. However some might want to organise a private transfer for their arrival or departure flight.

Here are some of the local taxi companies which operate transfers out to the airport at Schwechat. Costs vary somewhat between the companies and what kind of transport they are using (with some you can order limousines or minibuses) but all those listed here have public prices published on their websites.

 Vienna Airport Transfers

Airport Taxi Companies

Open Cab ViennaOpenCab e.U.

OpenCab is an association of chauffeur-driven car rental companies.
: Office Park 3, Top 162D, 1300 Vienna Airport
Tel: 01 532 11 11

Website: (D, E)

Austravel Airport Taxi, Vienna–źustravel Airport Taxi

Austravel offer airport shuttles, taxi services and tours in English, German and Russian.
: Fruethstrasse 5, Top 29, 1030 Vienna
Tel: 0664 525 1160

Website: (D, E, R)

Airport Motion Taxi ViennaAirport Motion

Airport Motion offers different grades of transfer to the various parts of Vienna.
Address: Tokiostrasse 1/2/1, 1220 Vienna
Tel: 0699 18 08 1800

Website: (D, E)

Total Taxi ViennaTotal Taxi

Total Taxi provides transfers to and from the Vienna airport for fixed rates.
Address: Hauffgasse 3-5, 1110 Vienna
Tel: 0664 25 05 005

Website: (D, E)